Workfow Sketch, how it all fits

We have been having a fun time of late. Talking about all this we are trying to to, with a variety of very helpful people. Love the community, Love the spirit. Its why we all do what we do. Been getting very interesting ideas from people more adept at the technologies we are using than us, and some great new directions. Looking forward to more help from all of you guys. Some of the nice folks over at Battlemesh have spent some time trying to understand the "mess" :) we have put together and sent across some great suggestions. There are others as well, so a big thanks to all of you and please keep the chatter going. Anyway, thought a quick sketch of the workflow is in order here, its time we started to go a little more in depth as to how this fits together. This was all proof-of-concept stuff, so it will change and the suggestions we are getting certainly seem to say so :) Under the Hood gave a good look at the technologies used. This will give an idea of the workflow, more to follow of course.

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