RTFM!!! - Where the @#$% is the Manual?

Hello everyone.....yes we haven't been able to ask someone to RTFM so far since hmm well there has been no manual ;).....well all of that is a step closer to being changed thankfully :)

As of last night I've completed documenting the code in the current master. I've formatted the code documentation in Doxygen style and the code documentation in HTML / Latex has been pushed onto the repo.

Hopefully this makes understanding the code a lot easier. It also brings to light TODO's in the code and pitfalls we need to fix.

This is just a step in our effort to make it easier for someone to point out "What the @#$% are you guys smoking?" :)....Erle has already improved the site significantly so that it's now easier to browse through all of our blog posts and get a comprehensive view of the different technologies we are using. The code can be browsed from the site too and we have our own Sting (bug) tracking mechanism online. This will all be supported shortly by an improved documentation section showing presentations and documenting an overview of eBrainPool. Eventually it will also be possible to browse the code documentation on the site itself.

So well.....RTFM :)

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