Running OpenOffice through eBrainPool

This shows openoffice being used on a machine which is not installed on. It is being run of a machine in the eBrainPool meshed network. The display is rendered on this machine, allowing this user to use this software.

Of course the machine on which it is originally installed on, has the ebrainpool client installed. Via the beauty of the mesh, the other machines joined into this pool can see each other and have a listed of allowed applications (for the security conscious). A remote machine, the one you see above, has chosen to run openoffice from a machine in the ebrain resource pool. That machine (i.e. the user) has allowed this to be run, following which the application runs on his machine like before, but is displayed (rendered) on the machine requesting this application to be run.

In case you missed what happened above, the machine not having openoffice installed is now able to see and use openoffice like it was on his machine without having installed it, thanks to the generosity of his fellow neighbour in the eBrain resource pool. For security the data pipes are secured via ssh, and we are using fuse to ensure private data to both parties concerned remain private and are not inadvertently shared too.

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