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We, over here at eBrain have always been GNU|FREE children. We learned our trade with these amazing tools and with the help of the countless incredible people who form this community.

At the moment we are just two guys with an idea in our head and not a formal company. We're doing this in typical open source fashion, we believe in this idea and really want to see it grow and benefit the community. Yes, somewhere doing the line we would love if we could generate some financial gain from this. For now we're pushing it since at least so far no one has told us to stop our madness :)

The decision to GPL this code has really been a no-brainer. This concept could never be brought to life without projects and people who believe in sharing. We would like to borrow a page from them, learn and if we can possibly add in any way to that effort we consider ourselves fortunate.

What we are certain of is that whatever we do will always be community (GNU|FREE|GPL) friendly

Where it Began GPL:Open Source Join our effort
In 2006, the eBrainPool concept won the Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge (UVAC) - a global competition sponsored by VMWare Developer Code Released, Get it and Join us. We, over here at eBrain have always been GNU, Open Source. Developer? Designer? Documenter?

So what do we mean by generating financial gain from this?

We believe there is a certain amount of value that can be transferred over-and-above the code. In terms of market-gibberish: "Value added offerings". The real challenge as we see it, is how do we make this into a financially viable and sustainable model.

What we are thinking of is additional services which can be purchased for a small fee. These could be enhanced security and encryption measures, the kind of stuff which people might be willing to pay a little for. Maybe some kind of subscription service. And hey, we are open to ideas on this too.

But all that comes later and our promise is this, they will ALWAYS be additional & optional services. We hate restrictions and refuse to put in any.

This is the reason, we chose, 3 years ago, not to opt for funding, but instead build this ourselves, we felt we needed the Freedom to take these decisions. With limited resources, we put everything into refining the concept and turning it into reality and working code (still have a lot to do here :) )

It was hell, but it was worth it. We would have it no other way.

and for the record,

We count a howto, an idea, a patch, a bug report, artwork, and just about any community involvement you can think off as payment enough, we just need to find some way to put food on all our tables too.

Hope to see you all online and contributing soonUser? We definitely need you :) Come share and play in our pool.

Meet our team

At the moment two "crazy" people, who devote their free time researching & developing the tech

Jeetu Golani

My ZX Spectrum+ 128K *sigh* - Age 10 and I was in love. The BASIC intepreter, electronic squeaks as a program got loaded from tape,playing a game and then going through the code :) FUN :) In later years while I went on to become academically qualified as a Textile Engineer my passion remained true to technology. Linux and the Open Source community have been all too kind to me and I thank you for that. My most recent contributions back to the community have been to the XCB (X protocol C-language Binding) library. I founded my first Internet Technology company -Broadnet - when I was 20 and although it didn't survive the dot com bubble burst,it was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. Today I consult on Linux technologies on ocassion, I am a partner in my family textile yarn and fabric manufacturing business - Polyfab and with my new venture eBrain I hope to create something that brings people even closer, adding value and enriching lives just as my mentors - the open source community.

Erle Pereira

Working professionally with GNU|FREE|Linux technologies since 1996, I enjoy the community it fosters. I hope you find eBrain interesting, and become a part of our community.



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