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eBrainPool is a software technology enabling people to work together, play together and learn from each other.

We do this by sharing the modern day equivalent of tools such as your pen, lawn mower or car jack - share your software and computing resources. It is an attempt to answer the question:

"What if I could simply use any software regardless of whether it is installed on my device or even designed to run on my device? "

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants". - Sir Issac Newton. Our thanks to the giants who make us possible

Key Blogs
Sandboxing Tech Overview Mesh Networks
Apart from the eBrainPool sandbox now running in unprivileged mode we shall be adding code such that the sandbox is started and stopped as and when our application starts and stops, currently the container needs to be auto started at system start or started manually by a user with superuser privileges. More eBrainPool client offers the interface by which a user can see the other users in the Beehive mesh networked pool around them and select applications to run from these users. It first checks to see that the IP the olsr plugin has told it has a valid client up and running. If so, the username of this client gets added into the list. When a user... More We demonstrated and tested eBrainPool between two devices (Erle's netbook and my laptop) over wifi and the performance between these two devices which were in radio range of each other was satisfactory. Hopefully we will work with the community in trying this out in larger networks and we will have some results to report soon :) More

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