The Concept

The Beginning

Once upon a time... there was a self taught software developer and Linux enthusiast. One day he asked himself what if...

...What if I were at a coffee shop and could see on my netbook all the games others around me have on their computers or phones and simply play the games right off their devices?

...What if I have received a graphic file via mail but the software to view it doesn't work on my phone :(...could I simply search for someone with the viewer installed and run it off his computer and view the file on my phone?

...What if as a software developer I could simply search for someone with a particular development environment setup on a particular architecture and just compile my software and test it?

...What if I could sit by the pool and work on my neat light netbook running Moblin but run computation intensive software directly off my Quad-core Xeon server running Solaris? What if my friend comes over and can simply just discover and run all the software on both my systems, on his laptop with BSD and we just work together?

...What if I could simply use any software regardless of whether it is installed on my device or even designed to run on my device?

What if we could have...

  • Software as a Shared Resource....
  • The Operating Environment as a Shared Resource...
  • Computing Power as a Shared Resource...


Thus was born eBrainPool.

Simply put eBrainPool consists of our client that shows other users and the software they have - this forms the resource pool. You can then request these users to allow you to share their resources and use software remotely from their machine. While software will be running off their machine, you would be able to use only your data - much like a native application on your system.


In 2006, the eBrainPool concept won the Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge (UVAC) - a global competition sponsored by VMWare.

WHO are we?

Hi, I'm Jatin and well I'm the nut who thought this up :) and the founder of eBrain.

As nuts go we tend to grow in bunches :) and soon enough my friend Erle got smitten with the idea of a GNU|Free platform to share software. Erle - a Linux enthusiast, Open Source evangelist and visionary Nut in his own right - is today a core developer and proponent in bringing this vision to reality.