Gtk+ 3.0 port....done :)

  • A BIG sigh of relief *

As we had reported here, we came to the realization that the eBrainPool client needed to be ported away from Nbtk/Clutter which is now depracated and the devel libraries are no longer available on Debian testing onwards.

The eBrainPool client was built on Nbtk/Clutter primarily for Moblin which required this. Since it ran on other linux distros too (and because we are short handed - HELP ;) ) we kept it as is even though this has been gnawing away at us.

We quickly ported our client to the MX/Clutter toolkit (shortest path forward), however our joy was short lived when I upgraded my debian system and realized that for some reason GLX applications such empathy...and clutter based apps such aseBrainPool no longer worked spewing GLX related errors.

Apparently the problem lies somewhere in the concoction of mesa / clutter/ and the open source radeon driver for my ATI X2300. As it stood even I could no longer run / develop the client :(

Moreover, we feared that being clutter/glx dependent it may not work inside a VM. Therefore, yet again we needed to port the client away from Clutter....Gtk+3.0 was a logical choice.....and today I'm pleased to report that this port is now done :).....we're testing this out now and would soon be pushed upstream :)

Furthermore, I noticed quite a few potential bugs that would surface in larger mesh networks with multiple eBrainers trying to access s/w off each other....these were predominantlycode sections/data that needed to be protected with mutexes but wasn't.

Testing time everyone....Chop Chop :)....let's catch a few bugs :)

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