Guten Tag to the CCC 2011 - Finowfurt,Germany :)

Yes!!! that is correct. The apple (or in this case - the nuts) really have fallen a long way away from the tree this time around :).....Erle and I are currently in Berlin as the above pic proves (not that our insanity needs further confirmation :) )

We're here to learn at the Chaos Communications Camp 2011and can't wait to get there tomorrow :)

We shall write more while at the camp meanwhile. Berlin is truly an awesome city, the people are so very warm. Anyone thinking of coming down Europe side really has to drop by in Berlin and experience it :)

The building you see in the picture above is the Reichstag building. One interesting piece of information mentioned by our awesome freetour guide Stephanie Taylor about the dome you see in the building is that it overlooks the parliamentary meetings and visitors can actually look down on the ministers as they conduct their business - the significance being the people are above the government.

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