Mash up of mesh related stuff I don't know but need to find out...

There's a lot I'd like to learn about mesh networking. I thought I'd collate the questions I have floating in my head out here along with references to relevant discussions I've come across on various mailing lists.

I plan to keep updating this list as I discover relevant information or find myself dwelling on further questions.Hopefully this would help someone else too and hopefully someone reading this can offer pointers in the right direction :)

How should IP addresses be assigned in a pure ad-hoc (multipoint to multipoint) mesh network?

The prerequiste here is an automated mechanism with minimal user intervention, static assigned IPs are undesireable.

Useful references and discussion on this topic:

Interesting resources/solutions recommended by others:



Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses:

IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration:

How can we map the proximity of different nodes in the mesh and approximate their throughput?

Do OLSR and other protocols allow us to deduce which nodes are closer (1 hop) and which are further (> 1 hop)? How does this information translate to actual throughput we can expect from these nodes?


Power management/optimization of devices in ad-hoc mode

As the above discussion also mentions, simply putting a mobile device in ad-hoc mode in devices based on Android,etc often disables power management features and causes devices to drain, regardless of routing protocols like olsr,batman,etc are running. What mechanisms can be put in place to optimize power management for devices in ad-hoc mode.

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