Features Technical Overview
  • eBrainPool client allows use of software from remote hosts.
  • Use software across different operating systems and hardware architectures.
  • Remote software works with local data.
  • Data isolation via sandboxing - only local data,to be worked upon,is accessible, all other data at both ends is hidden.
  • Development on-going to work over multiple network topologies - Mesh, Decentralised, Client Server, LAN, WAN.
  • Development on-going for integration with Retroshare.
  • Development on-going to support multiple display protocols.
  • GPLv3 license.
  • Operating System: Currently Linux.
  • Network topology: Designed to work on LAN (using Avahi), Mesh (tested with olsr), Decentralized (work on-going for integration with Retroshare), Client Server (planned).
  • Sandboxing: Using LXC.
  • Messaging: Currently plain-text over TCP, ultimately aim to use Apache Thrift.
  • Remote Display Protocol: Currently works with the X Window system used over SSH and also x2go. Others are planned.
  • Remote network access: OpenSSH with Password and PGP keys.

How it works.

An overview on the functionining of eBrainPool. Learn more

Building / Installation guide

Notes on how you can setup the eBrainPool client. Includes information on setting it up to work for different network topologies. Learn more