Thanks for a great 2011, Heres to an ever better 2012

2011 has now gone, and its time for a recap. For Jeetu & myself, we can only summarize it in three words... What a Year

We are only able to say that, because of the community who have been in touch with us, and kept pushing us forward. We cannot say this enough, you know who you are, many of you have been mentioned in our previous posts, many have not, but a Hearty "Thank You", Keep it coming, Please.

We started the eBrainPool journey way back in 2006, but we only really started reaching out in earnest to the community this year, as we have gotten confident of the ideas and concepts we have been playing with. Early last year (2011), Jeetu and myself had a chat and we decided, that we really need to get more pro-active in talking about these concepts we had. We decided not to attend Battlemesh early in the year for want of funds, The Battlemesh guys have been great in helping us with our lack of in-depth understanding of mesh everything related.... Little did we know, that journey would lead us all the way to and awesome Chaos Communication Camp 2011 in Germany, and meeting with an incredible bunch of people, who accepted us in, Listened to us and pointed us in new directions. We are glad we went, it was hard-earned $, and somewhat costly for us flying in from India and Australia... but it was $ well spent.

The code and design changes from all the feedback have begun to be reflected in the code, the newer 0.3 version incorporates Avahi and now should be able to be used across multiple protocols, testing this out is in progress and expect updates on this soon.

We are aware that our blogs towards the latter half of the year have been scant, that will be addressed on a war-footing! In our defence, the community has shown us directions and ideas neither Jeetu or myself saw (you could say we are still reeling from shock) :) We have spent the past few months trying to get a grasp on the directions and ideas we were presented with.

Whats planned for the new year, .. well more. We are marching confidently towards a release with an easier configuration workflow....which can be downloaded and tested / used by more people.

Shipping with an incorporated ssh server and client, and proper Fuse integration are high on the agenda.

More code, More updates and more of everything we did last year, including newer stuff we did not :) Keep tuned in and get in touch.

Have a great 2012, looking forward to seeing, meeting, chatting with all of you soon.

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