Open Source and an Open World...eBrainPool

I've just got back from a holiday up in the hills. Every time I visit a small town I get enamoured by the slow serenity and peaceful way of life. Sometimes I wonder if we've been doing the moon walk with the forward movement of progress just an illusion.

As we continue to learn from nature, we seem to have forgotten that we are mere students trying to mimic nature. Somewhere down the line we have forgotten that knowledge is not truly ours to vend off to the largest bidder.

Open source fills me with hope for the future. People coming together sharing knowledge and ideas for the benefit of humankind. People who may not have resources but definitely have some solid ideas can make a difference here. People earn their respect here simply by being part of the community and their currency is the social good they have acclaimed in the eyes of their peers.

Open source has been revolutionary, it has laid a very crucial stepping stone towards an Open World. The average joe is now in witness that knowledge being open and working together are not preposterous ideas and the worth that can be created simply by going back to a simpler life of working together instead of competing with each other - no matter how preposterous that sounds.

If it was not for being exposed to open source I doubt if we would have had the courage to follow up on the preposterous idea behind eBrainPool. If knowledge should be open, can products created with that knowledge be directly open too? If tools such as axes and sickles could be shared by farmers of yester year why can't the software tools of today be shared and used by communities?

Technology isn't stopping us back....only we are. I would be thoroughly pleased if someday eBrainPool adds another stepping stone towards truly being an Open and Together World.

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