Moving away from the Netbook Toolkit (nbtk)

Well guys, I thought that while I work with the libssh guys and we figure out what is causing the strange behaviour I have been seeing with my ssh server, I'll go through the eBrainPool client code and see where we need to strengthen it - fix any potential memory leaks, run it through Valgrind, that kind of thing.

Alas, when I tried compiling my code it just wouldn't...configure bombed out with a missing nbtk-1.2 package....this was very strange and I thought I'd accidentally deleted the libnbtk-dev package but apt-cache told me that there was no such package in the repo at all......Debian testing and onwards no longer have the nbtk devel packages :(

What this means is that we can't use debian to work with our code...NEVER!!!.... since that is unacceptable what this in turn means is that we have to move our code away from nbtk.

Our options :

  • Clutter + MX

  • Clutter standalone

  • GTK/QT

    any thoughts?

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