Introducing "Beehive" Computing

What is it that we are trying to accomplish with eBrainPool?

...this is a question that has plagued us right from the inception.

Yes, it allows people to use software off each other. Yes, you can use software regardless of the hardware architecture it was orignally compiled for. Yes, it gives you an unprecedented platform independence

....but is that all we're doing?

The more we spoke about this to people the more we saw that apart from the sheer benefits of the technology what excited people was the feeling of coming together.

Humans are social animals and our civilization is built on our ability to share. Sharing knowledge, Sharing lives, Sharing tools...working and progressing as a collective.

While the computer is now our most versatile tool, it is limited and in turn limits us with the software it has. In order to progress and grow as a civilazation we need technology and we need the ability to share and use our software technology instantaenously as needed the same way we've borrowed knowledge from a mentor or a lawn mower from our neighbour.

With eBrainPool we hope to take cues from our history and from nature and allow humans to work diligently and efficiently together just like a beehive.

Welcome to Beehive Computing :)

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