'Information on next release (target: March 2011)'

Its been a hectic few months. We have been trying to get all this up and running, getting better documentation down, and putting things together to get the development of the next release sorted out. With this new site, coming on, this might be a good time to explain what we have been working towards.

We need to explain the technicals better and that will come online shortly, but as the earlier posts have indicated we use SSH to create the tunnels between the respective devices connected via eBrainPool.  In the current release we need the sshd daemon to be installed on each device and the keys setup in order to be able to connect. We are using scripts to invoke this from the client and we want to change that to a cleaner method.

We are currently working on integrating the ssh system using libssh. Ideally of course this would mean the next release would not need to rely the ssh daemon but would have integrated functionality. This does include an interface to create and edit the keys we use for authentication. 

Would like to complete both these tasks 1) Integration of libssh

2) Interface for handling the ssh settings (remove need for command line settings)

If things take too long we might release 1) and the follow up with a minor release with 2) done above. More updates on longer term roadmaps to follow.

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