Eureka Moment

Eureka Moment

08, Feb Erle Pereira

The eureka effect (Greek: heur─ôka, "I have found") is any sudden unexpected discovery, or the sudden realization of the solution to a problem, resulting in a eureka moment (the moment of unexpected discovery), [1][2] also dubbed as "breakthrough thinking". [3] The eureka effect is also known as the aha phenomenon, [4] and it is similar to an epiphany. --

Before we start to put online the heavy stuff, I thought this is more appropriate. This is one the first times we saw eBrainPool working. Working till late, one of those un-earthly hour things. What you see above is the mesh (olsrd) running and the machines auto-detecting each other, through their individual wirless cards (Ad-Hoc mode). This was one of those moments when years of hard work and belief transformed into reality. The moment you realise, Wicked! this thing works.

Below is a pic of the ebrainpool client itself. What you see is a list of applications on the device named 'Jatins WhiteKnight'. This is the client running on my machine, which does not have these applications. With eBrain (and Jeetu's generosity to allow me to share his applications) I can use them.

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