eBrainPool across 3 multiple devices, & Meego too

Found another video lying around, forgot about this one. Again, apologies for the video quality.

This shows ebrainpool running across a third device in the mix. As we have been mentioning, the real benefit comes into play when there is a multitude of devices connected. Is not sharing like that in real life too? The more in the mix, the better things are? No different here.

We had the client already running on moblin, so getting it running on meego was not too hard at all. Each machine can access the software on each others machines.

Heres a question, 3 machines are shown in the video.. so why does the client in the video show 3 machines? It should be two right? i.e. each machine connects to others, and 2 others are in the mix as shown in the video.

..... well as Sherlock Holmes said, eliminate all possibilities and the remaining one, no matter how implausible has got to be the truth.

... think...

heres why, we were testing out the n900 at this time too. The client inadvertantly picked up the stray 4th device.

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